6ix9ine Goes to Court today… What will happen?

6ix9ine dopenew.com
6ix9ine dopenew.com

From our friends at hotnewhiphop.com:

According to TheBlast, Sara Weiss, the Assistant District Attorney for New York County District Attorney’s Office, filed a letter to the judge to keep 6ix9ine in prison for one to three years. Weiss specified 6ix9ine’s affiliation to the 9 Trey Blood set and multiple plea agreement violations as to why he should be jailed.

“Defendant’s acknowledged membership in a violent Bloods set known as 9 Trey Bloods, along with an incident of gun violence perpetrated by this defendant’s entourage, make him an inappropriate candidate for adjudication as a Youthful Offender.” She wrote in the letter.

6ix9ine previously argued that he didn’t violate the plea agreement because he hasn’t been convicted of anything. He also claimed that the plea agreement expired last year. However, Weiss claims the plea agreement reads, “[w]hether defendant is determined to have violated the terms and conditions of the agreement is left to the sole discretion of the Prosecutor.”

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